International Tuition, Fees, and Scholarships

Financial information for international students.
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A Worthwhile Investment

Deciding to study in a foreign university can be a big decision.  We want to let you know though that a degree from UW-Stout is a valuable investment, and we aren't just stating opinions — we've got the numbers to back it up:

  • 98.2% of our students are employed or continuing education after graduation.
  • For every $1 that students invest in their education at UW-Stout, they receive $3.50 in additional earnings over their lifetime.
  • The average annual rate of return for a UW-Stout degree is 15%.

We're proud of what we can offer to the students who choose us.

Estimated 2019-20 International Student Tuition and Fees

  Undergraduate Graduate ESL Institute
Tuition and Fees $17,974 $16,998 $11,668
Housing $4,480 $5,680 $4,480
Food and Living Expenses $2,784 $2,784 $2,784
Books & Supplies $225 $225 $0
Health Insurance $1,535 $1,535 $1,535
Total $26,998 $27,222 $20,467
Important Notes
  1. Undergraduate tuition and fees are based off of 30 credits.
  2. Graduate tuition and fees vary by program. Listed estimates are based on 18 credits.
  3. ESL Institute tuition and fees are based off of 24 credits.
  4. Tuition and fees are required to be paid at the beginning of each semester. Costs for tuition and fees are based on estimated increases for the coming year and are subject to change. Costs vary by program. 
  5. Many international students live and eat on campus. The housing contract reserves your room and meal plan for the school year, and you can also choose to live on campus during the summer (no summer meal plan available). Suite-style housing may be available on campus at a cost of $4,850 for the academic year. On-campus graduate housing is most likely not available.  Some students choose to live off campus, and costs are similar, depending upon the type of apartment. 
  6. Health insurance is mandatory. Additional health insurance cost estimates (academic year):
    • Spouse: $1,535.00
    • Each child: $1,535.00
  7. Dependents: Support of dependents is not included in the above estimates. An additional $8,000 yearly (including insurance) is estimated for support of spouse and $5,500 (including insurance) for each child. In order to receive a Visa for spouse and children, you must show that you have funds to cover their expenses. Funds are not available in Menomonie or at UW-Stout to cover these costs.
  8. An annual increase in total expenses of approximately 8% should be taken into consideration when making financial plans for more than one year of study at UW-Stout.


    International Student Scholarships

    International Student Tuition Scholarships

    UW-Stout offers International Student Tuition Scholarships to qualified international students based on their academic achievement or grade point average (GPA), financial need, and their participation in cultural and community activities. Students receiving other types of scholarships are not eligible. The total amount of scholarship can be changed each semester and is based on the availability of funding. These scholarships are awarded on a competitive basis to full-time students. Continuing students who submit the Global Involvement Form before the deadline for the following academic year are considered first.

    The value of the International Tuition Scholarship is as follows, and is awarded based on grade point average (GPA): 

    Graduate Students

    First academic year of graduate studies:

    • $7,000* for academic year if initial GPA is 3.50-4.00.
    • $6,000* per academic year if GPA: 3.0 – 3.49 
    • $5,000* per academic year GPA: 2.75-2.99

    *Initial award (first year only) based on bachelors/undergraduate degree GPA and financial need. A cumulative UW-Stout graduate GPA in your program must be at 3.0 or higher in order to be eligible for a scholarship.

             Second academic year of graduate studies:

    • $6,000 for academic year  GPA: 3.0–4.00
    • $5,000 for academic year  GPA: 2.75-2.99

    Undergraduate Students

    • $6,000 per academic year*  GPA: 3.51 and greater
    • $5,000 per academic year*  GPA: 3.0 – 3.50
    • $4,000 per academic year*  GPA: 2.75 – 2.99

    Please note: Customized Instruction and ESL programs and classes are not eligible for the International Tuition Scholarship.

    The International Student Tuition Scholarship is competitive and is based on academic merit. While all applicants are considered, there is no scholarship guarantee.  Please email if you have questions.

    Stout University Foundation Scholarships

    International students are also eligible for a wide variety of scholarships offered by the Stout University Foundation. Full information about Stout Foundation Scholarships is available at:


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