Mathematics Specialist Field Experience

EDUC 663 Mathematics Specialist Field Experience
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Online Course 2 semester hours graduate credit
Instructor: Dr. Tony Pickar and Michelle Dupree

Not Offered in Summer

: September 16 - December 6, 2019
Tuition: $452 per graduate credit ($904 per course)
Fall Tuition Due - October 2019

If you need a copy of the syllabus for your employer to approve enrollment in the class, email: Online Professional Development or call 715-642-0209.

Course Description

Prepares math specialists for program implementation and evaluation in a school-based setting. Emphasis on developing coaching practices, planning professional development programs, and facilitating evidence-based math programs. **Background check required.

This experience is designed to align with the coursework and build on knowledge, skills, and dispositions developed in the Math Specialist certificate coursework.

Enroll in this course to meet your goals for

  • professional development
  • license renewal
  • continuing education refresher course
  • graduate credits/electives
  • transfer the credit to another university

This course is an approved elective in the Master of Science in Education online degree program. 

Who Should Enroll

If you have completed the prerequisite course: EDUC 662 Leadership for Math Specialists

This course is the culminating capstone course for the Math Specialist Certificate

Designed for elementary and middle school educators with a professional development goal of becoming a math specialist at the classroom, school, or district level.

How do I register?

Complete the Online Registration Form.

If you need a copy of the syllabus for your employer to approve enrollment in the class, email: Online Professional Development or call 715-642-0209.

When is the registration deadline?

Reserve your spot now. This program is very popular, and courses fill well before the start date. This course is offered twice each year (spring and fall).

What Our Students Say

"Getting the opportunity to step into a coaching role for the first time was a life-changing experience. Designing my own observation form and then applying it to a classroom setting followed up with a debriefing conversation provided me with a relevant glimpse into the role of an Instructional Math Coach."
~ Victoria Johansen

"I want to thank Michelle for always writing such thoughtful feedback on assignments.  Good grades are nice, but what I really look forward to is reading the feedback."
~ Rebecca Capizzi

Textbooks to Purchase

Purchase the following paperbacks from an online book store such as or the publisher.

National Council of Teachers of Mathematics. (2014). Principles to Actions: Ensuring Mathematical Success for All. ISBN: 978-0873537742

McREL (Mid-continent Research for Education and Learning). (2010). What We Know About Mathematics Teaching and Learning. (3rd Edition). Solution Tree. ISBN-13: 978-1935249955

No travel to campus - 100% Online
  • Participate 24/7 from your home or work computer during hours that are best for your work and family schedule.
  • The class is highly interactive with a significant discussion component.
  • All discussion postings, projects, and assignments will be submitted via the course discussion board and Dropbox.
  • Activities are conducted according to a schedule with specific due dates each week.
  • There are no required "live" chat sessions.
  • This is not a self-paced class.