Sample Course

Here is a small snapshot of a typical course in Learn@UW-Stout
In this Section

Wondering what an online course at UW-Stout is like? 

Open the topics below for a sneak peek at our Learn @ UW-Stout coursework interface.

Remember: this is just a small snapshot of what a typical course might look like in Learn @ UW-Stout.  Students will be able to navigate their course in much more detail once they are enrolled and their course is open in Learn @ UW-Stout.

News Feed

The News page is the first page you will see when you enter your course.  You'll find course updates and announcements on this page.  Be sure to check it each time you log into your course.

D2L News


Content is where your course assignments, readings, and other course-related information is located.

D2L Content

Discussion Board

This is where you can access the discussion board topics.

D2L Discussion

You can change your settings and view discussion posts.

D2L Discussion

Here's how a discussion board may appear in your course.

D2L Discussion


You will also be able to view grades for assignments, quizzes, discussions, etc.  

D2L Grades

Your grade book view will vary based on how your instructor has his or her grade book set up.

D2L Grades



You may use the dropbox to submit your assignments to your instructor.

d2l dropbox

Your view of this section will vary with your course/instructor.  

d2l dropbox

You can upload your file [assignment] and submit it with comments. 

d2l dropbox