Living Communities

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A home away from home.

Living community options are available for residents to enhance their on-campus living experience. Residents can apply for a community after completing the Housing and Dining Preference section on the Housing Gateway, linked on this page.

Core Living Communities

All residents are members in one of two core communities: the First-Year Experience (FYE) or The Next Experience (TNE)

First-Year Experience The Next Experience
  • Students in first year of college
  • Engage with campus
  • Create personal connections
  • Find new friends
  • Build good academic habits
  • Students in second year and beyond
  • Career development
  • Internship/co-op support
  • Deepen connections
  • Strengthen independence

Additional Living Communities

Alcohol Free [FYE only]

This community provides a living experience that minimizes the possible negative effects of alcohol. All residents, regardless of age, agree not to consume, possess, or be under the influence of alcohol while on the floor.


A cohort of ASPIRE SSS (Student Support Services) participants create this living community that will be connected through various learning opportunities to help students successfully transition to college. To learn more about the SSS program, visit: Student Support Services

Honors [FYE and TNE]

This community is focused on providing Stout Honors Program students with an academic experience within a social atmosphere. Participants work collaboratively toward completing the requirements of the Honors Program. Learn more about the Honors College.

Out @ Stout [FYE and TNE]

This community is for students who identify as lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, questioning, any other sexual orientation or gender identity/expression and their friends and allies. This is a close-knit community with ample opportunity to engage and grow through LGBTQIA+ focused events and programs. Learn more about the LGBTQIA+ program.

Multicultural [TNE only]

This multicultural community includes a program called SWAG (Students With A Goal) with Asian, African American, American Indian and Latino students advised by Multicultural Student Services. This is also an opportunity for any sophomore, junior or senior students to experience an inclusive environment and learn about cultural similarities and difference. Join this multicultural floor if interested in social justice and building intercultural friendships/community.

Stoutward Bound [FYE only]

Residents who identify as African American, American Indian, Latino/a, and/or Asian can engage with this living community to receive support and encouragement needed for a successful transition to college. Learn more about the Stoutward Bound program.