Meeting & Conference Permits

If you have been invited to visit the campus or take part in a function organized by the campus you still need a permit.
In this Section

Guest = a person who is invited to visit the campus or take part in a function organized by the campus. This does NOT include faculty/staff who are in paid status or students who are signed up for classes and paying tuition.

Help make your guest's parking convenient and trouble-free. Provide them with:

  • A permit
  • Good directions
  • Information about campus parking

Your Guests Need Your Help With...

  • First, contact Parking Services to reserve a parking area (please allow a two-day processing time or the request may not be filled).
  • Provide each guest with a permit before their arrival on campus.
  • Helpful information such as parking regulations, permit displays, and meter payment.
  • Identify parking area(s) assigned by Parking Services.
  • Clear directions to parking areas (campus map).

Parking Capacity for Meetings/Conferences

  • Guest parking permits are limited and are provided on a first availability basis. Lots do fill up on busy days.
  • Parking requests are best made as soon as your final guest count is determined.
  • Parking for larger conferences works best on a Friday or during break/summer session.
  • Very large conferences may require parking off campus and shuttling to campus.

Parking Areas for Meetings/Conferences

  • Meetings/conferences are typically being assigned to Lot 29, south of the Student Center.
  • Other parking areas may be available during the summer and school breaks.
  • Smaller groups may be accommodated in lots nearer the center of campus.
  • When campus lots are full guests may be directed to park at a paid meter or on a city street.

How to Arrange Meeting/Conference Parking

Send your parking request via the Meeting & Event Permit Request form.