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For UW-Stout students, their parents and families play an important role when it comes to attending college. Our StoutFam website focuses on the resources parents, families and friends need to help their children make one of the biggest steps in their lives. 

We hope these monthly articles will be a helpful resource for you as your student transitions to life at UW-Stout. If you have suggestions for articles or subjects that interest you, please email your ideas to us at

Students and sponsors at UW-Stout's Fall 2019 Scholarship Reception.

E-News for December 2019

Scholarships are Abundant at Stout 

As parents, we want our children to attend college so they can earn the career of their dreams. But we know that a quality college education comes with a price.

One significant way you can help to offset college loan debt is by encouraging your student to take advantage of the various scholarship opportunities offered by UW-Stout. 

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Dalkeith House, Dalkeith Scotland, home to students during their JUMPSTART: Scotland study abroad experience.

Explore the Opportunity of a Lifetime

With winter break on its way (we know…how did that get here so fast?!?!), now is the perfect time to explore an opportunity for your student to distinguish themselves in a way that will impact them for a lifetime. 

While the benefits of studying abroad are endless, one of the most common myths is that it’s too expensive.  Parents and families are often surprised to find out that in some cases, it can be the same (or even cheaper) as studying at Stout. 

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Students pass by Heritage Hall and Jarvis Hall between classes.

Supporting Your Student's Mental Health

The Fall 2019 semester is coming to an end for students! As Win-Term break approaches, encourage your student to talk to you about how the semester went, how they coped with a new or busy schedule, and what goals they have for next semester.

Encouraging your student to talk about how the semester went is a healthy way to also discuss their mental health. Maybe your student struggled with worries around meeting new friends, test anxiety, or potentially seasonal depression. Talking with your student about any of these topics can be beneficial, yet tough.

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A student, right, meets with a company recruiter during the 2018 Fall Career Conference. / UW-Stout photo

Tips from UW-Stout's Career Services

Here at UW-Stout's Career Services, our mission is to educate, engage, and empower students and alumni in navigating career and professional development through employer and faculty/staff partnerships. 

At Career Services, we know helping your student make sense of the college experience and positioning them to be successful is a daunting challenge. Being Wisconsin’s Polytechnic, we want to give you some practical tips you can take to help make that happen. 

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November 2019 Articles

Planning for Commencement 

December Commencement is just around the corner! If you have a student who is graduating this December, here are some helpful things for you to know. Your student needs to apply for graduation in order to receive their diploma. Students can apply for graduation on their Access Stout accounts.  Read More >

Getting Around Stout and the Menomonie Area

We offer a number of sustainable transportation programs to help your student get around campus and Menomonie.

Your student has free access to the StoutRoute Campus Bus. The campus bus makes three stops on its route, with an optional stop at Student Health (for when your student might need a little TLC). And the Community Bus offers four stops on campus. The community bus route covers the Menomonie community, and its stops include the grocery store, the hospital, and Wal-Mart.  Read More >

What is “Sophomore Slump?"

The “sophomore slump” is “a decline in academic performance during a student's second year of college.” It’s a phenomenon that affects many second-year college students. Is your sophomore student struggling to keep up their grades, find purpose in their major, connect with their friends and classmates, or find the energy to get involved on campus? It’s normal.

Here are some feelings your student may have during this time and ways you can support them.  Read More >

Grown and Flown, But then They Come Home. Now What?

After a couple of months away, your college student has adjusted to campus life. They’ve been out on their own for a little while, meeting new people, adapting to new schedules, and navigating a new community.

This is the beginning of their adulthood. They’ve been living by their own rules. So what happens when they visit home and are back under your roof?  Read More >

Gifts from Home

As the leaves change and the first signs of snow appear, the fall semester at UW-Stout is fully underway. These seasonal changes also mean the arrival of mid-terms and finals week. A busy class schedule could leave your student wanting extra support.

And although they'll never admit it, they may be missing home. Read More >

October 2019 Articles

Encouraging your student to find their ONE

We encourage all students to be actively engaged in at least one thing on campus. We call that, finding your ONE. 

As parents and caregivers, it’s safe to say we want a lot for our kids when they leave for college. Of course, we want them to make good choices, do well in class, and be safe.  But we also want them to connect with others, explore their interests, and feel inspired.  We want them to find that thing that makes them feel like…. well, “them.”   Read More >

Financial Aid Advice for Parents

Hello from UW-Stout's Financial Aid Office. We’re glad to have your student join our campus community. We know there’s a lot to think about and financial aid may be at the top of your list now, and every semester from here to the time your student graduates.

We know financial aid can be confusing. We’re here to help you sort it out. Here are a few things we thought you might want to know.  Read More >

Residence Hall Safety Your Student Should Know

You’ve kept a watchful eye on your student’s safety their entire life. Now they’re on their own, off to college. But we know out-of-sight does not mean out-of-mind. Especially with your student. We’re here to keep your student safe. Because your student is our student and a member of our campus family.  Read More >

Working for Blue Devil Productions

For many students, college is their first experience of freedom.  After high school graduation money runs out and parent’s patience with “help I’m out of money” emails wears thin, students often turn to on-campus jobs as a source of income.  Resistance to on-campus work is understandable, but what many students don’t realize is that there are more opportunities and a greater variety of jobs available than one may think.   Read More >

“Mom, I don’t feel good”

UW-Stout's Student Health Services Office is committed to caring for your student’s physical, mental and emotional health. We see more than 6,000 students during the academic year. Chances are, your student will be visiting us. So what can you do when your student calls to say they don’t feel well?  Read More >

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