B.S. Early Childhood Education

Do you enjoy working with children?
Degree Type Bachelor of Science
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Children are the foundation for a bright future. It’s never too early to start giving them the tools they need to be successful. If you've always enjoyed working with children, our program will give you the skills to make a career from your dreams. 

  • 250 hours of hands-on work with children before you even start student teaching
  • Small class sizes 
  • Real-world experience in child care facilities on and off-campus
  • Strong advisement from faculty 
  • ECE license can be expanded to include Grades 4-6 or Early Childhood Special Education
  • 120 credits means you can graduate in four years

Add-On Concentrations

  • Early Childhood – Special Education (Birth - Grade 3)
  • Early Childhood – Middle Childhood (Birth - Grade 6)

As an Early Childhood Education major at UW-Stout, you'll become certified to teach birth through third grade in Wisconsin. Our experience tenured faculty have established a caring community of learners. You will experience 250 hours of hands-on work with children before you even start student teaching. You can network with your future colleagues by joining student organizations related to the teaching field.

Teachable moments

When Sara "Sally" Sally Keis was a freshman at University of Wisconsin-Stout, she felt overwhelmed and wished she could talk to upper classmen in her major.
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UW-Stout’s Child and Family Study Center will provide many opportunities to observe child behaviors. Our five early childhood classrooms are the perfect setting to learn teaching techniques.

You can add the Early Childhood Special Education certification with only five more classes and a fourth student teaching placement. The Middle Childhood certification can be added with only five more classes after completing student teaching.

Career Opportunities



  • Public and Private School Teachers (Pre-school-third grade)
  • Head Start Director
  • Assistant Director
  • Infant/Toddler Teacher
  • Pre-K Teacher
  • Kindergarten Teacher
  • First Grade Teacher
  • Second Grade Teacher
  • Third Grade Teacher

Stout Graduates at Work

  • Starting preschool program » Lime Springs and Ridgeway, Iowa
  • Starting 4K program » Ellsworth, Wisconsin
  • First Grade Teacher » Almond-Bancroft, Wisconsin
  • Kindergarten Teacher » St. Paul, Minnesota
  • Elementary Teacher » Denver, Colorado
  • Kindergarten Teacher » Frederick, Wisconsin
  • First Grade Teacher » Sheboygan Falls, Wisconsin
  • Kindergarten Teacher » Bloomer, Wisconsin
  • Third Grade Teacher » Almena, Wisconsin
  • 4K Teacher » Mosinee, Wisconsin
  • Kindergarten Teacher » Eau Claire, Wisconsin
  • Third Grade Teacher » Stanley-Boyd, Wisconsin
  • Kindergarten Teacher » Eleva-Strum, Wisconsin
  • First Grade Teacher » Cokato, Minnesota
  • Pre-K Teacher » Shell Lake, Wisconsin
  • Elementary Teacher » Alaska
  • Kindergarten Teacher » Brooklyn Park, Minnesota
  • 4K Teacher » Baraboo, Wisconsin
  • Pre-K Teacher » Plum City, Wisconsin
  • Kindergarten Teacher » Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin
  • Teacher for Teach For America » South Dakota
  • First Grade Teacher » East Central Schools, Minnesota
  • Kindergarten Teacher » Arizona
  • First Grade Teacher » Spooner, Wisconsin
  • 4K Teacher » Madison, Wisconsin
  • Second Grade Teacher » Colby, Wisconsin
  • Second Grade Teacher » Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin
  • Kindergarten Teacher » Coolidge, Arizona
Admission Requirements

New Freshmen

  • There are no additional requirements for new freshmen.

Transfer Students

  • Earn a cumulative GPA of 2.75 or higher from the last institution attended.

Students who meet this requirement will be admitted to the university in their chosen Education major. Subsequent acceptance into a teacher education major and enrollment in professional education coursework will require successful completion of Benchmark I requirements. Additional information can be found at the School of Education website.

Students whose cumulative GPA is lower than the 2.75 will be reviewed and considered on a case-by-case basis for admission consideration.

ECE Advisory Board

2018 ECE Advisory Board

James  Arenz   Advisement Center
Lindsay  Barnhart   HDFS
Nikki  Bresina Director KIDSusa
Amber Carlsrud   Barron Public Schools
Beth  Comstock First Grade Teacher Barron Public Schools
Tracy  DeRusha   Office of Field Experiences
Becky Evan   HeadStart
Allison  Feller   Interim Director CFSC
Angela Gilbertson   Instructional Specialist
James  Handley   CAHS
Lisa  Jasper Myer Third Grade Teacher Oak Lawn Elementary, Menomonie School District
Carol  Johnson   Associate Dean (SOE)
Maggie Keenan   Instructional Specialist
Jill Klefstad   ECE faculty
Theresa Kohlmier   ECE faculty
Dylan Lubs   SOE ambassador 
Jase Meyer Graduate Assistant ECE
Ruth  Nyland   CEHHHS/SCOPE
Chris Peterson   Department Chair (SCOPE)
Kathy  Preusse Teacher Chippewa Valley Technical College
Robert Salt   Dean (CEHHHS)
Ana Schuerstedt Student Ambassador ECE
Lori  Smith Principal Oak Lawn Elementary, Menomonie School District
Sapna Thapa Program Director CEHHHS/SCOPE  
Linda Young   Admissions - Transfers and Articulation
Joseph  Zawicky Kindergarten Teacher Augusts Schools
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