Recognizing Others

A Recognizing Others website is available to sen dprovide thanks and positive comments to others.
February 8, 2021

At the Valuing People Town Hall on Jan. 29, we heard from people about the importance of sending kudos to one another in an easily accessible format. For example, participants said:

  • “Simplicity is key.  We can/should be a click away to thanking you/someone and we want everyone to see it.” 
  • “Sending off an email to anyone with your positive thoughts would be very well received.” 
  • “Find opportunities to recognize someone is valued even if it is through email.”
  • “Send a daily email to someone to show value to someone and set a goal of three emails per day or week.”

The Recognizing Others website includes multiple venues to provide thanks and positive comments:

  • The Stout Proud Service Excellence group developed an online form to nominate someone as a Stout Standout. A printed certificate is sent to recipients, via their supervisor, for distribution. 
  • You can create your own printed certificate using the Baldrige Valuing People You Rock template.  
  • Additionally, you can nominate a colleague for a Safety Recognition Award or the University Staff Appreciation Award

I encourage all faculty and staff to use these opportunities to let others know how they are making a difference during these challenging times. You can also go to the Recognizing Others website and view other people that have been nominated through the You Said…We Did, Stout Stand Out, Spring 2021 COVID-19 survey, or the Spring 2021 Chancellor’s Opening Event.

Thank you for all that you are doing to support one another, our students and UW-Stout.

With gratitude,


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