SGX.22 First Year Student Games

Dozens of board games created by Game Design and Development 100 (GDD) students.
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	2Phase	2Phase

3 Hackers fight against the evil Karma Corp in this asymmetric strategy game with a twist: The enemies are two in one. Collect items, defeat enemies sent by Karma Corp, and hack the terminals to take down the mega corporation. Play as one of six Hackers with unique abilities, using them to work together with your team and defeat Karma Corp, or you can play as Karma Corp themselves, sending waves of increasingly stronger enemies to stop the Hackers from shutting you down!

Team Members:
Project Manager: Ray Kotula
Game Designer: Cora Kauffm
Art Director: Brenna Goettl

Instructor: Charlie McCarron


Emergency! The test subjects have escaped containment! Trapped in a strange Earth facility, you and your fellow aliens must scramble around gathering resources and avoiding capture. The only way to end their human machinations is to end your lives. For the greater good!

"Project Manager: Steve Miscik Game Designer: Jessie Skroch Game Developer: Garrett Reece Art Director: Quincy Aaron"
Instructor: Charlie McCarron

	Antiquity	Antiquity

In Antiquity, a family of four ghosts have been invaded by ghost hunters and exorcized the parents! It is up to the two ghost children to avoid the ghost hunters and explore their mansion to collect the scattered remnants of their parents to resurrect them.

Team Members:
Project Manager: Chong Vang
Game Designer: Drake Mitchell
Game Developer: Kaitlyn Flynn
Art Director: Jacob Thao

Instructor: Charlie McCarron

	APPA: After Hours	APPA: After Hours

You wake up with three other students only to realize you’ve all been trapped inside the art building! In this multiplayer board game, you and your friends must traverse the building and find objects to assemble your keys before your turns run out. Beware, monstrous guards lurk the halls so stay hidden or face their wrath head on.

Team Members:
Project Manager: Mason Meister
Game Designer: Chandler Johnson
Game Developer: Ryan Austin
Art Director: Rachel Humphrey

Instructor: Charlie McCarron

	Boss RUSH	Boss RUSH

Boss RUSH is a game of Heroes traveling to regions to collect powerful equipment and defeat the chaotic mini-bosses. These Heroes though become corrupt over time and turn into their Final Boss form. Will the Final Boss take over the kingdom and destroy the Heroes?

Team Members:
Project Manager: Reid Westphal
Game Designer: Gus Courtney
Game Developer: Jayden Marx
Art Director: Zeke Wagner

Instructor: Charlie McCarron

	Cactus Tactics	Cactus Tactics

Playing as avid cactus enthusiasts, compete against others to win the favor of judges such as General Gary, Devilish Dave, and Botanist Bob! Judges enjoy certain types of cacti, so those that play favorites will prevail! Pick cacti, build your garden, and win over judges in Cactus Tactics!

Team Members:
Project Manager: Jon Fischer
Game Designer: Josh Gibson
Game Developer: Cody Jantzen
Art Director: Cedar Goemer

Instructor: Charlie McCarron

	Calamity Jane	Calamity Jane

As the new cowgirl in town, you quickly learn that a band of polyamorous, lesbian outlaws run the settlement of Oxedge. Before arriving, you heard whispers of an unforgiving group that had control over every aspect of their civilization. However, you are not the only one who heard these rumors. You must take down everyone in your path-- and win the love and affection of the Serpentine Society.

Team Members:
Project Manager: Grace Bourdeau
Game Designer: Martell Moore
Game Developer: Peri Maciaz
Art Director: Nicholas Wurz

Instructor: Charlie McCarron

	Cult of the Serpent	Cult of the Serpent

Play as a cult with a special ability in a worker placement game, where you strive to gain power, recruit members, collect spells, and complete quests. Complete quests to gain the scrolls needed to summon the Great Serpent, the Great and Mighty Steve.

Team Members:
Game Designer: Kayla Staples
Game Developer: Sami Stalzer
Art Director: Beana Gray

Instructor: Charlie McCarron

	Exhausted Employees	Exhausted Employees

You work for Exhausted Employees LLC, and this month you've got a big presentation. Exhaust your co-workers to make sure you're the one presenting and get the big raise.

Team Members:
Project Manager: Zach Janot
Game Designer: Andrew Rice
Game Developer: David Fletcher

Instructor: Charlie McCarron

	Little Pyros	Little Pyros

Explore a town with many pyromaniacs. Burn your friends. Maybe help them. Probably not.

Team Members:
Game Designer: Austin Kugler
Game Developer: Orion Goodenberger
Art Director: Verrnenn Oswell

Instructor: Charlie McCarron

	Prisoner of Minos	Prisoner of Minos

Four heroes wander a collapsing labyrinth trying to escape from a minotaur. Four players play as heroes from mythology. They wander a hexagonal maze collecting items and running into the minotaur as well as each other while trying to reach the end tile as a team.

Team Members:
Project Manager: Will Poff
Game Designer: Max Lamb
Game Developer: Turner Norum
Art Director: Olivia Siegfried

Instructor: Charlie McCarron

	Red Tape	Red Tape

In Red Tape players take up the mantle of Gods, each one wielding both major destructive and bureaucratic powers. Players debate over the future of the world while building up the table in front of them with powerful cards. But watch out, this mythological squabbling has shaken up long dormant powers. As the game progresses the End of Days becomes more and more likely, and the game ends when the End of Days happens.

Team Members:
Project Manager: Colin Kintzinger
Game Designer: Austin Pico
Game Developer: Sam Harlow-Dederich
Art Director: Tom Larsen

Instructor: Charlie McCarron

	Ruination	Ruination

You're trying to survive in a world infested with mechanical dinosaurs while trying to collect points.

Team Members:
Project Manager: Nicole Harsh
Game Designer: Amber Conner
Game Developer: Josh Pederson

Instructor: Charlie McCarron

	Save Yourself	Save Yourself

In Save Yourself, you play a dinosaur trying to escape the great flood. You scale the board trying to get to the raft on top, then collect as much driftwood as you can until someone takes your spot. The game ends when a player is trapped and all the driftwood around them has been pulled out. At this point, the player with the most driftwood wins the game.

Team Members:
Project Manager: Emma McGraw
Game Designer: Reece Halda
Game Developer: Eli Morgan
Art Director: Alex Owens

Instructor: Charlie McCarron

	Scarecrow's Corn Maze	Scarecrow's Corn Maze

Scarecrow Maize is a competitive maze building game. Take the role of a sentient scarecrow out for blood. Bid on tiles to build the maze that you want. But beware of other players who may need to burn that beautiful maze to achieve their goals and gain the most points.

Team Members:
Game Designer: Tyler Beckley
Game Developer: Ryan Guy
Art Director: Matthias Van Horn

Instructor: Charlie McCarron

	Silver Asylum	Silver Asylum

In the Silver Asylum a dark secret lurks in its abandoned halls. Explore the Asylum, find items and secrets to aid you in your search for the truth, and most importantly, make it out alive.

Team Members:
Project Manager: Riley DuLak
Game Designer: Austin Koerber
Game Developer: Chase Anderson
Art Director: Brandon Whelan

Instructor: Charlie McCarron

Village Outbreak

Play as different head figures that have unique abilities. Defend your village by producing soldiers, building structures, and attacking the enemy. The enemy spawns monsters to destroy the village. Win by defeating all the enemy's monsters to survive.

Team Members:
Project Manager: Madison Melland
Game Designer: Ying Vang
Game Developer: Jordan Helmrick
Art Director: Luka Switzer

Instructor: Charlie McCarron