Expressing appreciation for one another

Suggestions to welcome and acknowledge someone while wearing a mask.
November 23, 2020

One of the core values of the Malcolm Baldrige National Quality award program is valuing people. Finding ways to reflect this core value at UW-Stout is particularly important during this complex and disruptive time when we are working extremely hard, in new ways and under significant challenges. 

I take this core value seriously, and I know that our UW-Stout employees do too.  We value one another, and we can do more to express it.  At the Town Hall held on Oct. 23 we heard that it is important for us all to show how we value one another.  Now, I want to share some opportunities for how we can do this.

The university has a Baldrige Team subcommittee dedicated to implementing actions that demonstrate ways to value one another. The subcommittee created a “You Rock” template that anyone may use to show appreciation towards someone; after all, gestures as simple as a “thank you” let others know we value them. The template can be found on the Baldrige site.  Other ways to express your appreciation are featured on the website and include the Stout Stand Out program, as well as several recognition awards.

The subcommittee also compiled strategies for promoting health and well-being and created a flyer that provides some fun, non-verbal suggestions to welcome and acknowledge someone while wearing a mask.

If you have an idea for an initiative that this subcommittee should consider, please email Jill Klefstad at 



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