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The University of Wisconsin-Stout maintains a pool of qualified individuals who would like to provide instruction to UW-Stout students. Individuals with experience and appropriate degrees in instructional areas offered at UW-Stout are encouraged to apply.

Adjuncts work on a part-time basis to augment the instructional needs that current staff is not available to meet. Adjunct instructors may be employed to teach courses, make presentations or provide facilitation or other service activity when UW-Stout faculty is not available.

Instructors will be chosen from the Adjunct Instructor Pool to participate in additional application/selection processes as specific needs arise. Appointments of adjunct instructors will be made through and will be subject to existing personnel rules.

UW-Stout department chairs and/or their peer committees will review applications to qualify adjunct applicants to be included in the pool. Individual department chairs may initiate additional qualification processes for individuals at their discretion.

Application Criteria

UW-Stout departments set their own criteria for selecting and approving applicants. That may include, but is not limited to:

  • A degree within the discipline an individual wishes to provide instruction
  • Significant, applied experience within the professional setting of intended instruction
  • Teaching experience and past performance
  • Publication history
  • Experience with online instruction
  • An understanding of adult learner needs
  • Completion of UW-Stout instructor orientation
  • Updated vitae
  • Availability for on-campus instruction

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About the Adjunct Instructor Pool Program

The adjunct instructor pool (AIP) provides:

  • For department chairs, it is a database of instructors available in the event an emergency hire is necessary and current staff are unavailable,
  • For UW-Stout, it affords the university the human resources necessary for opportunities to expand the university’s mission to teach adult learners beyond the boundaries of the campus through conventional and distance education formats.
  • For qualified individuals with experience and expertise in UW-Stout’s instructional areas, it is the opportunity to share their knowledge with learners on a part-time basis through teaching on or off campus and through various forms of distance education.

Opportunities for adjunct applicants may include:

  • Teaching online or on-campus courses for UW-Stout departments.
  • Facilitating noncredit offerings for Professional Education Programs and Services.
  • Making presentations at conferences, workshops or seminars for Professional Education Programs and Services.
  • Providing instructional design or subject matter expertise for course development activities.