Nakatani Teaching & Learning Center (NTLC)

Learn. Apply. Share. We are a resource to all UW-Stout faculty and staff.
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The Nakatani Teaching and Learning Center (NTLC) is a source for inspiration, resources, and friendly faces. We invite you to visit us in the Robert S. Swanson Library Learning Center on the 2nd floor, Room 201. You're welcome to peruse our library of teaching and learning resources. We also offer meeting spaces for NTLC-related activities and discussions.

Felix Nkaru


Every year we put on diverse, valuable events designed to engage the campus community and advance scholarly teaching and learning. NTLC sponsors on- and off-campus speakers and hosts workshops on timely instructional topics. Explore events »

NTLC Student Research Symposium

Programs and Applications 

Our Center is actively engaged in sponsoring a variety of programs that support instructional development by advancing scholarly teaching and learning. Many of these long-term programs provide financial incentives to participants. See programs »

New Instructor Workshop

For New Faculty/Instructors

At NTLC, it's our pleasure to support new faculty and instructional academic staff as they are introduced to our university, culture, and processes. We offer numerous programs and invaluable resources to ensure your success at UW-Stout. Learn more »

Scholarship of Teaching and Learning

Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (SoTL)

At the core of the SoTL philosophy is an understanding that intentionally studying teaching practices and student learning outcomes is crucial for producing excellence in instruction. Read more »