Connect with others to share a ride to and from campus.
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UW-Stout Rideshare is a website and app that allows students, faculty, and staff to connect with others who want to carpool to and from Menomonie.

Share one-time trips or daily commutes to Minneapolis, Madison, Eau Claire, or elsewhere. Create a profile, find other UW-Stout carpoolers, check out their profiles, and learn more about them and their vehicles before booking your seat or offering a ride.

Users, as a reminder, once registered, please change your password once a year.

Need A Ride? Have A Ride to Offer?

Sign up for UW-Stout Rideshare

Registration is free and easy! Just use your UW-Stout email and create your own password.

Rideshare Incentive Program for Faculty and Staff

Our Police & Parking department offers incentives for faculty and staff who rideshare to work.  Incentives include:

  • 50% discount on parking permit
  • 8 free day permits per semester, per rider
  • Discounted day permits after the first 8
  • Discounted weekly permits during school break periods