With AutomationAdvisor™ UW-Stout Manufacturing Outreach Center (MOC) assesses manufacturers for automation fit on all ends of the spectrum.
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Automation enables manufacturers to increase productivity, bridge labor shortages, increase the reliability of production, enhance quality, and improve workforce engagement while accelerating profit growth.

Integrating automation into a manufacturing facility provides the flexibility to redeploy good workers where they can deliver the most value and more fully engage them. Whether implementing collaborative work, manually- loaded process stations or full-lights out systems, automation compliments your workforce.

With AutomationAdvisor™ UW-Stout Manufacturing Outreach Center (MOC) assesses manufacturers for automation fit on all ends of the spectrum:

  • No automation experience and looking for guidance on where to start
  • Some equipment in house and lacking the time to invest resources into next steps
  • Evaluate existing automation to re-purpose for products at end of life

MOC, as an unbiased party not representing any technology in the marketplace, will conduct an Automation Assessment to determine the best-fit for automation projects within your facility based exclusively on your needs.

AutomationAdvisor™ - Assessment Phase

  • Onsite Automation Assessment – 1 on 1
  • Automation Project Risk Ranking
  • Automation ROI Rankings
  • Existing Process Pain Evaluation
  • Automation Action Plan Development

AutomationAdvisor™ Implement-Select Phase

  • Identify Third Party Providers/Integrators
  • Mutually Write RFQ/Statement of Work
  • Evaluate Third Party Proposals, Assist Final Select
  • Provide Example Automation Project PM
  • Training Plan for Equipment Support
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With AutomationAdvisor™ you will:

  • Understand how automation fits within your business strategy
  • Receive unbiased advice on the right technologies for your plant – where automation fits and where it doesn’t
  • Receive an automation roadmap to guide future automation implementation
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We will move you quickly and confidently to the right sized actionable investment path for automation that improves productivity, maximizes your workforce and grows your profits.

MEP National Network™

NIST logoUniversity of Wisconsin-Stout Manufacturing Outreach Center is the official representative of the MEP National Network™ and NIST MEP in Wisconsin. The MEP National Network™ is a unique public-private partnership that delivers comprehensive, proven solutions to U.S. manufacturers, fueling growth and advancing U.S. manufacturing.